Scientific Staffs

cho_se-hyung.jpg Cho, Se-Hyung
P.I. of KVN Evolved Star Key Science Program and KaVA Large Program (Korean Side)
Research Interest: Dynamical evolution and structure of (post-)AGB stars through maser observations.
TEL: +82-42-865-5832
Email: cho(at)
Choi, Minho
Research Interest: Star formation, protostar, radio observations
TEL: +82-42-865-3261
Email: minho(at)
Kang, Miju
Research Interest: ISM, star formation, feedback between star formation and interstellar gas
TEL: +82-42-865-2042
Email: mjkang(at)
kim_hyosun.jpg Kim, Hyosun
Research Interest: Evolved stars, binaries, circumstellar spiral-shell patterns,
hydrodynamics, molecular line observations
TEL: +82-42-865-2062
Email: hkim(at)
kim_kee-tae.jpg Kim, Kee-Tae
Research Interest: Star formation, ISM, Masers
TEL: +82-42-865-2007
Email: ktkim(at)
lee_changwon.jpg Lee, Chang Won (group leader)
Research Interest: Early star-forming Processes. Formation of clouds, cores, and stellar or substellar objects. Very Low Luminosity Objects (VeLLOs). Outflows and disks of proto-brown dwarfs.
TEL: +82-42-865-3276
Email: cwl(at)
yun_youngjoo.jpg Yun, Youngjoo
Research Interest: Study of stellar evolution through VLBI observation and numerical simulation of astronomical masers / Development of SFPR and pipe line SW for KVN KSP and KaVA LP.
TEL: +82-42-865-2168
Email: yjyun(at)

Postdoctoral Researchers

yhchoi.jpg Choi, Yunhee
Research Interest: Dynamical and chemical evolution of star-forming regions, Infrared and radio observations, Interstellar water chemistry
TEL: +82-42-865-
Email: yhchoi(at)
kang_sung-ju.jpg Kang, Sung-Ju
Research Interest: Early stage of star-formation, young stellar object classification methodology, star-forming scenarios, modelling of jets, outflows and accretion disk of protostar
TEL: +82-42-869-5912
Email: sjkang(at)
kim_kyounghee.jpg Kim, Kyoung Hee
Research Interest: ISM, Star formation, Dense cores and filaments in molecular clouds, Young stellar objects, Protoplanetary disks, Planet formation
TEL: +82-42-865-3231
Email: quarkosmos(at)
park_geumsook.jpg Park, Geumsook
Research Interest: Radio observational study of ISM: atomic/molecular gas in star-forming regions, HI shells/supershells, spiral arms of the Milky Way
TEL: +82-42-865-2118
Email: pgs(at)
hjyoo.jpg Yoo, Hyunju
Research Interest: Low-mass and high-mass star formation, Protostellar object, Interstellar medium, filamentary structure of molecular cloud
TEL: +82-42-869-5862
Email: hjyoo(at)
yoon_donghwan.jpg Yoon, Dong-Hwan
Research Interest: Origin of the evolution and outflow of the late-type stars observed by radio VLBI
TEL: +82-42-869-5904
Email: dhyoon(at)


chung_eunjung.jpg Chung, Eun Jung
Research Interest: Formation of dense cores and filaments in molecular clouds, molecular gas properties of spiral galaxies in various environments, CO Tully-Fisher relation
liu_tie.jpg Liu, Tie
Research Interest: Planck cold clumps, high-mass star formation, molecular clouds
Soam, Archana
Research Interest: Molecular clouds, Magnetic fields in low mass star forming regions and HII regions, Very Low luminosity Objects (VeLLOs) & Proto-brown dwarfs


kim_shinyoung.jpg Kim, Shinyoung
Research Interest: Star formation, Dense cores, Filaments and clouds
TEL: +82-42-865-3363
Email: shinykim(at)
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