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 ======Publications====== ======Publications======
 ====2014==== ====2014====
 +  * [[http://​adsabs.harvard.edu/​abs/​2014PASJ...66..119O| Chemical variation in molecular cloud cores in the Orion A Cloud. III]], Ohashi, Satoshi; Tatematsu, Ken'​ichi;​** Choi, Minho**; **Kang, Miju**; Umemoto, Tomofumi; Lee, Jeong-Eun; Hirota, Tomoya; Yamamoto, Satoshi; Mizuno, Norikazu, 2014, PASJ, 66, 119
 +  * [[http://​adsabs.harvard.edu/​abs/​2014PASJ...66..106H| VERA and ALMA observations of the H2O supermaser burst in Orion KL]], Hirota, Tomoya; Tsuboi, Masato; Kurono, Yasutaka; Fujisawa, Kenta; Honma, Mareki; **Kim, Mi Kyoung**; Imai, Hiroshi; Yonekura, Yoshinori, 2014, PASJ, 66, 106
 +  * [[http://​adsabs.harvard.edu/​abs/​2014PASJ...66..103N| VLBI observations of bright AGN jets with the KVN and VERA Array (KaVA): Evaluation of imaging capability]],​ Niinuma, Kotaro; Lee, Sang-Sung; Kino, Motoki; Sohn, Bong Won; Akiyama, Kazunori; Zhao, Guang-Yao; Sawada-Satoh,​ Satoko; Trippe, Sascha; Hada, Kazuhiro; Jung, Taehyun; and 62 coauthors, 2014, PASJ, 66, 103
 +  * [[http://​adsabs.harvard.edu/​abs/​2014JKAS...47..293C| First Detection of 22 GHz H2O Masers in TX Camelopardalis]],​ **Cho, Se-Hyung; Kim, Jaeheon; Yun, Youngjoo**, 2014, JKAS, 47, 293
 +  * [[http://​adsabs.harvard.edu/​abs/​2014JKAS...47..201Y| Development of 2.8-GHz Solar Flux Receivers]],​ **Yun, Youngjoo**; Park, Yong-Sun; Kim, Chang-Hee; Lee, Bangwon; Kim, Jung-Hoon; Yoo, Saeho; Lee, Chul-Hwan; Han, Jinwook; Kim, Young Yun, 2014, JKAS, 47, 201
 +  * [[http://​adsabs.harvard.edu/​abs/​2014AJ....148...97D| Astrometrically Registered Simultaneous Observations of the 22 GHz H2O and 43 GHz SiO Masers toward R Leonis Minoris Using KVN and Source/​Frequency Phase Referencing]],​ Dodson, Richard; Rioja, María J.; Jung, Tae-Hyun; Sohn, Bong-Won; Byun, Do-Young;** Cho, Se-Hyung**; Lee, Sang-Sung; Kim, Jongsoo; **Kim, Kee-Tae**; Oh, Chung-Sik; and 15 coauthors, 2014, AJ, 148, 97
 +  * [[http://​adsabs.harvard.edu/​abs/​2014AJ....148...84R| Verification of the Astrometric Performance of the Korean VLBI Network, Using Comparative SFPR Studies with the VLBA at 14/7 mm]], Rioja, María J.; Dodson, Richard; Jung, TaeHyun; Sohn, Bong Won; Byun, Do-Young; Agudo, Iván; **Cho, Se-Hyung**; Lee, Sang-Sung; Kim, Jongsoo; Kim, Kee-Tae; and 16 coauthors, 2014, AJ, 148, 84 
 +  * [[http://​adsabs.harvard.edu/​abs/​2014JKAS...47..179M| Properties of the Molecular Clump and the Associated Ultracompact H II Region in the Gas Shell of the Expanding H II Region Sh 2-104]], **Minh, Young Chol; Kim, Kee-Tae**; Yan, Chi-Hung; Park, Yong-Sun; Lee, Seokho; Lal, Dharam Vil; Hasegawa, Tatsuhiko; Zhang, X. Z.; Kuan, Yi-Jeng, 2014, JKAS, 47, 179
 +  * [[http://​adsabs.harvard.edu/​abs/​2014PKAS...29...29M| Deuterated Methanol (CH3OD) in the Hot Core of the Massive Star-Forming Region DR21 (OH)]], **Minh, Young Chol**, 2014, PKAS, 29, 29
 +  * [[http://​adsabs.harvard.edu/​abs/​2014MNRAS.443L..34K| The first analytical expression to estimate photometric redshifts suggested by a machine, Krone-Martins]],​ A.; Ishida, E. E. O.; **de Souza, R. S**, 2014, MNRAS, 443, 34
 +  * [[http://​adsabs.harvard.edu/​abs/​2014ApJS..214...11S| [Fe II] 1.64 μm Imaging Observations of the Outflow Features around Ultracompact H II Regions in the First Galactic Quadrant]], Shinn, Jong-Ho; **Kim, Kee-Tae**; Lee, Jae-Joon; Lee, Yong-Hyun; Kim, Hyun-Jeong; Pyo, Tae-Soo; Koo, Bon-Chul; Kyeong, Jaemann; Hwang, Narae; Park, Byeong-Gon, 2014, ApJS, 214, 11
 +  * [[http://​adsabs.harvard.edu/​abs/​2014ApJ...792...83S| Emission from Water Vapor and Absorption from Other Gases at 5-7.5 μm in Spitzer-IRS Spectra of Protoplanetary Disks]], Sargent, B. A.; Forrest, W.; Watson, Dan M.; D'​Alessio,​ P.; Calvet, N.; Furlan, E.; **Kim, K. H.**; Green, J.; Pontoppidan,​ K.; Richter, I.; Tayrien, C., 2014, ApJ, 792, 83
 +  * [[http://​adsabs.harvard.edu/​abs/​2014MNRAS.442.1640D| Probing the stellar initial mass function with high-z supernovae]],​ **de Souza, R. S.**; Ishida, E. E. O.; Whalen, D. J.; Johnson, J. L.; Ferrara, A., 2014, MNRAS, 442, 1640
 +  * [[http://​adsabs.harvard.edu/​abs/​2014ApJ...791..123W| A Study of Dynamical Processes in the Orion KL Region Using ALMA -- Probing Molecular Outflow and Inflow]], Wu, Yuefang; **Liu, Tie**; Qin, Sheng-Li, 2014, ApJ, 791, 123
 +  * [[http://​adsabs.harvard.edu/​abs/​2014ApJ...790...99C| Trigonometric Parallaxes of Star Forming Regions in the Perseus Spiral Arm]], **Choi, Y. K.**; Hachisuka, K.; Reid, M. J.; Xu, Y.; Brunthaler, A.; Menten, K. M.; Dame, T. M., 2014, ApJ, 790, 99
 +  * [[http://​adsabs.harvard.edu/​abs/​2014ApJ...789L...1M| The First Very Long Baseline Interferometry Image of a 44 GHz Methanol Maser with the KVN and VERA Array (KaVA)]], Matsumoto, Naoko; Hirota, Tomoya; Sugiyama, Koichiro; **Kim, Kee-Tae; Kim, Mikyoung**; Byun, Do-Young; Jung, Taehyun; Chibueze, James O.; Honma, Mareki; Kameya, Osamu; and 51 coauthors, 2014, ApJ, 789, 1
 +  * [[http://​adsabs.harvard.edu/​abs/​2014ApJ...789...83T| Thermal Starless Ammonia Core Surrounded by CCS in the Orion A Cloud]], Tatematsu, Ken'​ichi;​ Hirota, Tomoya; Ohashi, Satoshi; **Choi, Minho**; Lee, Jeong-Eun; Yamamoto, Satoshi; Umemoto, Tomofumi; Kandori, Ryo; **Kang, Miju**; Mizuno, Norikazu, 2014, ApJ, 789, 83
 +  * [[http://​adsabs.harvard.edu/​abs/​2014ApJ...789....9C| Radio Variability Survey of Very Low Luminosity Protostars]],​ **Choi, Minho**; Lee, Jeong-Eun; **Kang, Miju**, 2014, ApJ, 789, 9
 +  * [[http://​adsabs.harvard.edu/​abs/​2014A&​A...567A..40R| A CO observation of the Galactic methanol masers]], Ren, Zhiyuan; Wu, Yuefang; **Liu, Tie**; Li, Lixin; Li, Di; Ju, Binggang, 2014, A&A, 567, 40
 +  * [[http://​adsabs.harvard.edu/​abs/​2014MNRAS.440..240D| Robust PCA and MIC statistics of baryons in early minihaloes]],​ **de Souza, R. S.**; Maio, U.; Biffi, V.; Ciardi, B., 2014, MNRAS, 440, 240
 +  * [[http://​adsabs.harvard.edu/​abs/​2014PASJ...66...38M| Accurate parallax measurement toward the symbiotic star R Aquarii]], Min, Cheulhong; Matsumoto, Naoko; **Kim, Mi Kyoung**; Hirota, Tomoya; Shibata, Katsunori M.; **Cho, Se-Hyung**; Shizugami, Makoto; Honma, Mareki, 2014, PASJ, 66, 38
 +  * [[http://​adsabs.harvard.edu/​abs/​2014PASJ...66...31F| Observations of 6.7 GHz methanol masers with East-Asian VLBI Network. I. VLBI images of the first epoch of observations]],​ Fujisawa, Kenta; Sugiyama, Koichiro; Motogi, Kazuhito; Hachisuka, Kazuya; Yonekura, Yoshinori; Sawada-Satoh,​ Satoko; Matsumoto, Naoko; Sorai, Kazuo; Momose, Munetake; Saito, Yu; and 19 coauthors, 2014, PASJ, 66, 31
 +  * [[http://​adsabs.harvard.edu/​abs/​2014AJ....147...77L| Early Science with the Korean VLBI Network: Evaluation of System Performance]],​ Lee, Sang-Sung; Petrov, Leonid; Byun, Do-Young; Kim, Jongsoo; Jung, Taehyun; Song, Min-Gyu; Oh, Chung Sik; Roh, Duk-Gyoo; Je, Do-Heung; Wi, Seog-Oh; and 14 coauthors, 2014, AJ, 147, 77
 +  * [[http://​adsabs.harvard.edu/​abs/​2014ApJS..211...15Y| SiO and H2O Maser Survey toward Post-asymptotic Giant Branch and Asymptotic Giant Branch Stars]], **Yoon, Dong-Hwan; Cho, Se-Hyung; Kim, Jaeheon; Yun, Young joo**; Park, Yong-Sun, 2014, ApJS, 211, 15
 +  * [[http://​adsabs.harvard.edu/​abs/​2014ApJ...783..130R| Trigonometric Parallaxes of High Mass Star Forming Regions: The Structure and Kinematics of the Milky Way]], Reid, M. J.; Menten, K. M.; Brunthaler, A.; Zheng, X. W.; Dame, T. M.; Xu, Y.; Wu, Y.; Zhang, B.; Sanna, A.; Sato, M.; and 6 coauthors, 2014, ApJ, 783, 130
 +  * [[http://​adsabs.harvard.edu/​abs/​2014PASJ...66...16T| Chemical variation in molecular cloud cores in the Orion A cloud. II.]], Tatematsu, Ken'​ichi;​ Ohashi, Satoshi; Umemoto, Tomofumi; Lee, Jeong-Eun; Hirota, Tomoya; Yamamoto, Satoshi; **Choi, Minho**; Kandori, Ryo; Mizuno, Norikazu, 2014, PASJ, 66, 16
 +  * [[http://​adsabs.harvard.edu/​abs/​2014ApJ...782L..28H| A Hot Molecular Circumstellar Disk around the Massive Protostar Orion Source I]], Hirota, Tomoya; **Kim, Mi Kyoung**; Kurono, Yasutaka; Honma, Mareki, 2014, ApJ, 782, 28
 +  * [[http://​adsabs.harvard.edu/​abs/​2014AJ....147...22K| Statistical Studies Based on Simultaneous SiO and H2O Maser Surveys toward Evolved Stars]], **Kim, Jaeheon; Cho, Se-Hyung**; Kim, Sang Joon, 2014, AJ, 147, 22
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